30 Canadians taken in 2015 MLB First-Year Player Draft

June 10, 2015

OTTAWA- Twenty Canadians were selected during day three of the 2015 Major League Baseball First-Year Player Draft bringing the total number to 30 for the annual three-day event.

In 2014, 17 Canadians were selected in the annual draft. A record 48 Canadians were selected in 2002 for the highest total since Canadians became eligible for the draft in 1991.

Ten players currently with the Junior National Team program were selected, while eight players that previously played with the program were also among Canadians drafted.

The following is a breakdown of Canadian players drafted by major league organization:

Reds (5), Athletics (3), Blue Jays (3), Cubs (2), Orioles (2), Tigers (2), Marlins (1), Braves (1), Yankees (1), Brewers (1), Indians (1), Rays (1), Nationals (1), Mets (1), Twins (1), Angels (1), Phillies (1), Padres (1), Cardinals (1)

Baseball Canada would like to congratulate all Canadians that were selected over the past three days.

Canadians selected in 2015 MLB Draft

*1. 1B Josh Naylor (Mississauga, ON) – Miami Marlins – 1st Round (12th overall) Junior National Team/Ontario Blue Jays

*2. RHP Michael Soroka (Calgary, AB) – Atlanta Braves – 1st Round (28th overall) Junior National Team/PBF Redbirds

3. LHP Jeff Degano (Surrey, BC) – New York Yankees – 2nd Round (57th overall) Indiana State University

*4. OF Miles Gordon (Oakville, ON) – Cincinnati Reds – 4th Round (115th overall) Junior National Team/Great Lake Canadians

*5. OF Demi Orimoloye (Orleans, ON) – Milwaukee Brewers – 4th Round (121st overall) Junior National Team/Ottawa-Nepean Canadians

*6. LHP Ryan Kellogg (Whitby, ON) – Chicago Cubs – 5th Round (143rd overall) Arizona State University

7. 3B Connor Panas (Toronto, ON) – Toronto Blue Jays – 9th Round (272nd overall) Canisius (NY) College

8. RHP Devon Stewart (Maple Ridge, BC) – Cleveland Indians – 9th Round (274th overall) Canisius (NY) College

*9. C Owen Spiwak (Mississauga, ON) – Toronto Blue Jays – 10th Round (302nd overall) Odessa (TX) College

10. OF Cole Bauml (Muenster, SK) – Detroit Tigers – 10th Round (310th overall) Northern Kentucky University

*11. OF Brett Siddall (Windsor, ON) – Oakland Athletics – 13th Round (398th overall) Canisius (NY) College

*12. C Chris Shaw (Winnipeg, MB) – Baltimore Orioles – 15th Round (463rd overall) University of Oklahoma

*13. OF Michael Foster (Pickering, ON) – Chicago Cubs – 16th Round (473rd overall) Northeastern (MA) University

*14. 2B JD Williams (Brampton, ON) – Cincinnati Reds – 17th Round (505th overall) Junior National Team/ Ontario Blue Jays

*15. LHP Isaac Anesty (Guelph, ON) – Cincinnati Reds – 18th Round (535th overall) Junior National Team/ Ontario Blue Jays

*16. RHP Darren Shred (Brampton, ON) – Cincinnati Reds – 22nd Round (655th overall) Junior National Team/Ontario Blue Jays

17. OF Tristan Graham (Vancouver, BC) – Baltimore Orioles – 22nd Round (673rd overall) Northeast Texas CC

18. RHP Reign Litkeman (Red Deer, AB) – Tampa Bay Rays – 23rd Round (688th overall) Big Bend (WA) CC

19. OF Eric Senior (Toronto, ON) – Oakland Athletics – 23rd Round (698th overall) Toronto Mets

20. RHP Marc Bérubé (Trios Pistoles, QC) – Oakland Athletics – 28th Round (848th overall) University of Pittsburgh

*21. OF Phil Diedrick (Ajax, ON) – Washington Nationals – 29th Round (884th overall) Northern Kentucky University

*22. RHP Jackson Wark (St. Albert, AB) – New York Mets – 30th Round (899th overall) Junior National Team/Edmonton Prospects

*23. OF Tristan Pompey (Milton, ON) – Minnesota Twins – 31st Round (920th overall) Junior National Team/Toronto Mets

*24. RHP Will McAffer (North Vancouver, BC) – Cincinnati Reds – 32nd Round (955th overall) Junior National Team/North Shore Twins

25. LHP Conor Lillis-White (Toronto, ON) – Los Angeles Angels – 32nd Round (975th overall) University of British Columbia

26. OF Ben Pelletier (Varennes, QC) – Philadelphia Phillies – 34th Round (1014th overall) Ailes du Quebec / Patriotes Rive-Sud

27. RHP Alex Webb (Surrey, BC) – San Diego Padres – 36th Round (1077th overall) University of British Columbia

*28. SS Daniel Pinero (Toronto, ON) – Detroit Tigers – 36th Round (1090th overall) University of Virginia

29. IF Mattingly Romanin (Burlington, ON) – Toronto Blue Jays – 39th Round (1172nd overall) Chicago State University

*30. SS Joey Hawkins (Whitby, ON) – St. Louis Cardinals – 40th Round (1211th overall) Missouri State University

*Current or former member of Junior National Team program



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